Cell Group Notes

Cell GroupsThese notes are provided as example questions during the Word section of your cell group meeting.

The Search for Meaning 9 – “Maintaining your cutting edge”


w/c 29th November 2020


Ecclesiastes 10:10


1. Jah shared how the lockdown actually was a way God has helped her growth? How has COVID helped or hindered your spiritual walk?

2. Alan suggested three main areas that help us maintain our spiritual sharpness:

  • Time
  • Right relationships
  • Our attitude and focus.

Which of these are the easiest and most difficult for you in your walk as a disciple? What would help you develop in these areas?

3. Rick Warren wrote: “God is more concerned with your progress than your perfect performance. The very nature of discipleship is progressive. God’s purpose is that you become more and more like his Son, Jesus, and he will use your entire life to work that process out.” How is the goal of Christ-likeness different for each of us? What does becoming “more and more like Jesus” mean for you, personally at the present time?