Cell Group Notes

Cell GroupsThese notes are provided as example questions during the Word section of your cell group meeting.



Week commencing 26th September 2021


Psalm 23:3 He guides me in paths of righteousness for His name’s sake


1. How have you traditionally understood the “paths of righteousness?” How did this teaching confirm, change, or deepen your understanding, particularly with respect to defining “righteousness” as “the standard of right relationship we have between God and other people?”

2. When you’ve been off the path, how has God intentionally pursued you like a good shepherd pursuing a lost sheep? What did that teach you about God in those moments?

3. How does it make you feel that the way we live our life reflects well or badly on the Shepherd’s name and character? If a non-Christian looked at your life what would they see?

4. Nicky Gumbel said there were 5 CSs of guidance- Commanding Scripture, Compelling Spirit, Counsel of the Saints, Common Sense and Circumstantial Signs.

When have you felt God guiding you through a situation? Which of the CS’s did God use?