Cell Group Notes

Cell GroupsThese notes are provided as example questions during the Word section of your cell group meeting.

Noah – A Righteous and Blameless man

Week commencing

21st May 2023


Gen 6 v 9-22

Questions for Discussion

Ice breaker idea optional – If you were Noah and you could only take 5 types of animals with you what would you choose?

1. Noah walked with God, how do you walk with God, what daily Rythym’s do you have in place to grow in a closer relationship with God?

2. Noah worked for God, have you ever been involved in areas of God’s work within Church or charity work, let’s share with each other, not so that we are seen to be bragging but actually helping others to know the heart we have for different areas of the church?

3. Noah ignored for God, have you ever been given a hard time because you are a christian? Is there anything that you are being held back from because you know you will probably get given a difficult time?

4. Who are you saying their “No” for? Maybe youve not told them your a Christian or you’ve been rejected before when you’ve tried to invite them, times change The Holy Spirit can break down barriers! Now pray as a group for courage to ask them or tell them about your faith in the next week!

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