Cell Group Notes

Cell GroupsThese notes are provided as example questions during the Word section of your cell group meeting.

Pressing into the abundant life that Jesus promises, learning to abide in Him and He in us!

Week Commencing

28th April 2024


Jer 33:3, Prov 8:17, Matt 7:7-8, Matt 6:33


1. What are your thoughts when you review the scriptures that describe how God promises to meet us when we seek Him?

2. Given these promises, and looking at your rhythm of life, what do you see as the barriers to you seeking first the Kingdom of God? Can you think of ways to overcome these barriers, knowing that changing the way we live will take effort and perseverance?

3. What will seeking first God’s Kingdom and His righteousness mean to you, what do you hope will be the tangible differences that you will experience?

Remind your group

  1. Please pray for those with ongoing issues in their lives – Liz Willis, Alan Hunter, Alan Foy, Harry Smith and any others you are aware of.
  2. Please remind your group about the 2 concerts next week with the Abaana choir on Tuesday 7th and Wednesday 8th starting at 7pm doors open at 6.30pm, it is free entry but there will be an offering taken during the concerts. Please think of who you can invite to come along with you.
  3. Please also remind the men in your group to sign up for our men’s breakfast on Saturday 11th May 9am.